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This section contains information about physico-chemical analysis equipment and devices from the worldwide manufacturers. In this category, you will find physico-chemical analysis equipment designed for any kind of a laboratory.  Suppliers from every part of the world also can contact with manufacturers of physico-chemical analysis equipment and establish contact with them to present needed company in their domestic region.

In this category, there is such physico-chemical analysis equipment like spectrometers, stereo microscopes, colorimeters, data loggers, pH meters, protein analyzers, laboratory software, gas chromatography systems, and other laboratory equipment that is needed for proper care in laboratory medicine field.

Physico-chemical analysis is a technique used to analyze a system based on its physical and chemical properties. Physical properties include motion, energy, time, force, analytical dynamics, chemical equilibrium, etc. Chemical principles and practices refer to macroscopic, subatomic, atomic and particulate phenomena in chemical systems. A wide range of physico-chemical analysis equipment provide ways to see molecular properties of those, that we see in everyday life.

Physical chemistry combines pure physics with chemical problems. One of the major goals of physico-chemical analysis devices is to predict the properties of chemical compounds from a description of atoms and how do they bond. What kind of reactions can happen spontaneously and which chemical or physical properties are possible for a mixture are the areas, where this section’s equipment is needed the most. is an online database of medical equipment and devices provided by leading manufacturers around the globe. The catalog of high-tech devices and advanced medical equipment is a useful Internet resource for doctors, nurses and other specialists of various fields of medicine.

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