Chromolith® Monolithic - Liquid chromatography systems

Chromolith® Monolithic

DESCRIPTION OF Chromolith® Monolithic - Liquid chromatography systems

Chromolith® monolithic HPLC columns combine speed and efficiency like never before. They are not packed with small silica particles like conventional HPLC columns. Instead, each Chromolith® column consists of a single rod of high-purity polymeric silica gel with a bimodal pore structure of macro and mesopores. The macropores reduce column back pressure, allowing significantly faster flow rates. The mesopores form a fine porous structure, which creates a very large active surface area for high-efficiency separations. For even greater efficiency, multiple Chromolith® columns can be coupled to achieve a higher theoretical plate count with still very low back pressure.

SPECIFICATION OF Chromolith® Monolithic - Liquid chromatography systems

Type: HPLC
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