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Generally, chromatography systems use different laboratory techniques for the separation of a mixture. There are two main phases in the chromatography: mobile phase, where the mixture is softened in a fluid, and the stationary phase, where the mixture is carried through a structure that holds another material. In order to separate different constituents of the mixture, they have to travel at different speeds. Differential divisions are the basis of the separation between the mobile and stationary phases. Compound’s partition result in the stationary phase affects the separation and makes subtle differences.

There are two main techniques of chromatography systems: gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. Despite those two main systems, there is a huge variety of other chromatography systems: reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, two-dimensional, simulated moving-bed, pyrolysis gas, fast protein liquid, countercurrent, and chiral chromatographies. Chromatography systems also can be divided by separation mechanism: by ion exchange, size exclusion and by expanded bed adsorption.

Other chromatography systems provide various features including selective bed heights and range of column volumes. Systems help satisfy the increased demands placed on bio-chromatography research and development as well as on small particle applications. The Greater purity of products at faster linear velocities.

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