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In order to perform laboratory examinations more efficiently, microscopes need various accessories to improve results of the samples. Most commonly used accessories are various LED light sources. These LED lights are designed mostly to upgrade fluorescent function. Professional design and manufacture provide high-quality fluorescence performance and usually, light sources are attached to the stereo microscopes, that are ideal for scientific laboratory GFP and autofluorescence such as zebrafish, nematodes, fruit flies and other fields of microscopy.

The high-efficiency, modular and energy-saving LED attachment can make a basic microscope to a high efficiency fluorescence microscope with easy operating and long working life.

There are a variety of fluorescent choices: GFP, FITC, DAPI, PI, Auramine O, etc.

There are few examples of applications, which can be performed with microscope accessories:

• Tuberculosis diagnostic
• Laboratory rat
• FITC thrombus
• Criminal justice (stamp detection)
• GMO seed screening
• Materials science
• Biological science, etc.

Microscope accessories such as LED light source is lightweight and gives small volume. Much less radiation than in mercury lamp and higher efficiency excitation is provided. These LED lamps have long working life and give brighter and pure fluorescence vision. There is no need to warm up and cool them in order to install, they are easy to use and close, no time waiting, which improves working efficiency.

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