About Us

Top quality

All the products in our catalogue are made by world top manufacturers. Thus we guarantee the quality of all items in the online catalogue. Perfection is our priority and we work to ensure it in our services.

Wide assortment

Our online catalogue consists of more than 1500 various categories. Products are divided in categories according to disciplines and stages of care. We provide equipment for clinical treatment, laboratory research, rehabilitation and even logistics. In addition, dental devices are in a separate category for the best convenience for odontology professionals.

Best deals

We maintain a close communication with manufacturers thus providing the best deals for our customers.

Convenient presentation

All devices in the catalogue are presented with multiple photos and full description. Each device has a quick link to a manufacturer’s page. All photos are clear and professional for exploring each product in detail.

Comprehensive descriptions

Each product has full and informative description. Device’s specification provides the necessary information about  functionality, need and usage. Descriptions are complete and include all technical details of medical devices.

Simple use

The aim of our online catalogue is to ensure simple and comfortable usage for clients. Exploring this online catalogue is both pleasant and quick. All products can be found under categories of the stages of medical care and medical discipline.  In addition, our database can be easily accessed through the manufacturers of interest. This is one of the best places to find most of medical equipment in one place.

Global work

Our online catalogue is internationally available and it will be useful for medical doctors, biomedical scientists, engineers, hospitals and medical centers all over the world. We maintain cooperation and support with different medical portals and medical e-magazines.

Contact with manufacturers

Our working principles ensure direct contacts with all products’ manufacturers. Links to their websites are provided with every product. Thus customers can easily get more information, needed details, documentation and many more just in several clicks. Clients can also filter all the information at the website by needed parameters and sort information by manufacturers.

Easy access

Our online catalogue is avaliable to access 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The client can use it whenever he needs it without any limits of time. Easy access to your perfect medical device anytime you need it.

Human-friendly interface

DeviceInformed.com is easy to use. All the functions are clear and simple to use. You do not need any special trainings and seminars to use our system. 1500 categories are devided  according to disciplines and stages of medical care for better navigation. Odontology professionals and clinics  can find needed equipment in a separate category for the better convenience.

Constant support

We provide online support by e-mail, skype or phone with a website administrator. Our clients can get online support as soon as they need it. In case of some questions we will provide help directly with a customer. If there are some questions we provide a response according to received questions in 24 hours. Visit our "Contacts" page to choose the appropriate way for communication.

Smooth search

Simple use of the online catalogue provides substantial reduction of time for search process. Everything is clear in the catalogue and it will not cause any difficulties to find the particular medical device. We constantly updated and improve the content at our website to be relevant all the time. DeviceInformed.com is one of the best places to find most of medical equipment.

Online office

Personal online-office for a manufacturer provides a possibility to see or change any time company`s information or update it. Access to personal online-office at our website is available 24 hours all year round without any restrictions and limits. Our specialists will make changes to e-office upon request from the manufacturer to save his time.

SEO project

Our goals are global and local SEO results. As SEO driven company project our website is in top positions at Google search results. 80% of traffic to the website is going from search engine research. From 50.000 – 100.000 organic results  every month till the end of this year because of our SEO promotion ready project. We have intention to make local SEO too (positions, ranking, search engine results page at every country).

Huge database

We have one of the biggest and the most efficient online databases of medical equipment for all stages of medical care to reduce time to find a perfect medical device for medical doctors, biomedical scientists, engineers, hospitals and medical centers worldwide. Our database consists of more than 1500 categories with the full range of medical devices for any need. At our website there are a wide database of diseases and one of the biggest distributors database in the Internet.

Social media integration

Integration with social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We can make social commercials for manufacturers to be known by millions of people all over the world.  We have B2B blog with latest news in medical sphere.

International availability

Our online catalogue is available in every country which has an access to the Internet. We are internationally available so it will be useful for medical doctors, biomedical scientists, engineers, hospitals and medical centers all over the world.

Manual placement

Manually added information about a manufacturer and its products. We proceed and add all the information about a producer and devices manually, because we care about our clients and will help them to save their time. Thus we guarantee complete and reliable information about every device (description, photo, video, pdf files, characteristic and link to a manufacturer`s page).