Other laboratory imaging systems

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Professionals at laboratories use various methods for imaging samples. Not only microscopes, but also optical tweezers platforms, scanners, and other imaging systems are used in physicochemical analysis laboratories. These imaging systems are developed in order to improve the details and images contrast. Some systems use ultrasonic waves to generate the image in much greater details.

Optical tweezers platform is based on optical microscopes and designed especially for sensitive manipulation, force and tracking experiments. The advanced technology of this kind of imaging provides precisely quantifiable and reproducible measurements of particle and cells interactions. The system delivers accurate information about every single molecule mechanics and may also be used to determine mechanical characteristics such as elasticity, adhesion or stiffness on single molecules.

Other laboratory imaging systems such as scanners, deliver fast and high-quality whole slide images acquisition in an affordable package. Simple user interface makes the scanner the ideal platform for quick and efficient scanning of standard microscope slides.

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