Stereo microscopes

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Stereo microscopes are optical devices designed for precise observation of a sample using reflected illumination from the surface of an object. The key principle of stereo microscopes is that they provide marginally different viewing angles for both eyes using two individual optical paths with two objectives and eyepieces. All features of stereo microscopes are closely related to resolution: the higher the resolution is, the smaller the depth of field and working distance.

These microscopes have a wide field of use. They are often used to examine the surfaces of specimens in fields like fractography or forensic engineering and to carry out difficult work like dissection, watch making, microsurgery or inspection. Stereo microscopes are essential tools in entomology as well as in manufacturing industry for manufacture and quality control. Microscopes provide a superior fluorescent observation, that’s why they are excellent for nematode, drosophila, zebrafish, GFP and fluorescence research. Stereo microscopes can be used in a variety of applications like agriculture, geology, healthcare or electric component. Despite all these applications and fields of usage, stereo microscopes also are widely used in biomedicine, in-vivo research, mineral research and even in the criminal investigation.

Stereo microscopes can be characterized by long working distance, excellent image flatness, and easy operation. These devices magnify the images in clear sharpness, which resolution as distortion-free, and also in small and zoom sizes. The user can save time in routine laboratory work because these microscopes are open to using without waiting. The safety is provided by less ultraviolet radiation. The higher efficiency of fluorescence is possible with the help of high brightness LED light source.

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