Laboratory equipment is an online catalogue of medical equipment from leading medical device companies and manufacturers. The database of high-tech medical devices and advanced medical equipment is a useful internet resource for doctors and nurses of various medical fields as well as for medical scientists. We only work with highly specialized and recognized medical equipment suppliers that provide their customers‘ with high class medical devices at favourable prices.

In this category, you can find advanced laboratory equipment specially designed for medical laboratory scientists who work in hospitals, biotechnology labs or non-clinical laboratories. Laboratory equipment is crucial to perform analysis on human specimens such as blood, urine, stool, sputum, etc. Body fluids can be analysed using urine, blood gas, hemoglobin, hematology and other kinds of analyzers.

In order to achieve accurate analysis results, the hospitals and laboratories should be facilitated with reliable and advanced laboratory equipment and analyzers. Our suppliers provide all necessary laboratory equipment from such basic tools like sample collectors or sample refrigerators to high-tech analyzers and other decent laboratory equipment.

For your convenience, all products in our catalogue are presented with detailed descriptions, and have high resolution photos as well as informative specification of the products. Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with the manufacturers or to find out the price of a particular device.  We provide online customer service by email, Skype, or phone.

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