Protein analyzers

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Protein analyzers are devices, which are used in various techniques of identifying proteins concentrations. There are experimental and computational methods for studying proteins. Protein analyzers are suitable for detecting, isolating, purifying proteins as well as for characterizing functions and structures of proteins. Typically, these devices use computer programs to analyze proteins more efficiently with providing raw data. Laboratories provide protein extractions from tissues using biopsy samples with protein analyzers.

These analyzers can perform specific and nonspecific methods for analyzing proteins. There are techniques to detect only total protein or detect just the amount of a single protein. Protein analyzers can separate and characterize proteins based on their reaction with antibodies.

Protein analyzers can do assays in whole blood. There is no need to determine total hemoglobin because of one step latex enhanced direct method. Quick and quantitative measurements are offered by the samples of protein that is found in the blood or the urine. The results can be produced within 2 minutes and analyzers offer maximum possible delicacy with the highest possible accuracy.

Usually there is an electronic pipette that comes with the protein analyzers in the dilution mode. These analyzers also have a separate reaction chamber, where the temperature is being controlled. For integrated magnetic card, protein analyzers can be loaded with a batch specific calibration curve.

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