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Polarimeters are instruments that measure the angle of rotation, which is caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance. These instruments are commonly used for analyzing optically active substances in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries. Some chemical substances are optically active and when a polarized light will pass through these substances, it will rotate to the left or to the right. The angle of rotation is the amount by which the light is being rotated.

Polarimeters are commonly used in the chemical industry. Most chemicals display a specific rotation as a unique property, which can be used to categorize it. If the concentration and length of a sample cell are controlled or at least known, then the polarimeters can be used to identify unknown samples. Polarimeters also are widely used in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and sugar industries. Product or ingredient quality is determined by concentration and purity measurements. In the sugar industry polarimeters are used for determining a quality of juice and the refined sucrose.

The combination of quality, robust design and modern data management make these polarimeters the most powerful devices for measuring the angle of rotation on the market. The instrument allows customer-specific configurations and provides the widest range of options for the future. Improved usability combined with the use of touchscreen technology provides highly accurate results. Polarimeters usually have sleep & timer feature in order to take measurements later at the specific time.

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