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Data loggers are electronic devices used to log patient’s medical points, for example, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, breathing rate. The data is usually recorded over some period or in relation to the location with built in instrument or sensors. Often data loggers are based on a digital processor. The main parts of data loggers are a microprocessor, internal memory for data storage and sensors. These devices are small, portable and battery-powered and they interface with a personal computer and use software to analyze collected data.

The key benefit of data loggers is that they collect data over the 24-hour period. This feature allows seeing an accurate and comprehensive picture of the environmental conditions that are monitored, for instance, air temperature or relative humidity.

Applications of data loggers include monitoring of wind speed or direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, water level, water flow, water depth, water pH, unattended gas pressure recording, process monitoring for maintenance and troubleshooting applications, and many other applications.

When data loggers are monitoring temperature, they are able to deliver data from chilling, freezing and room temperature to pasteurization, depyrogenation and EO sterilization. Temperature data loggers provide accurate information over a wide range with remarkable ease. Data loggers usually have a protective case, which protects the electronics of the loggers as well as provides a possibility to place the logger probe within product or process.

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