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What is Device Informed? is an online medical equipment directory of more than 1500 categories with a full range of medical devices for any need from leading medical manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, vendors around the globe. is internationally available for everyone who is searching for medical devices, equipment, medicine gadgets to find out the price from a nearby distributor of a required medical company.

This online medical catalog of advanced medical tools and gadgets is a useful resource for people who want to reduce a time for medical devices searching on the Internet, to buy or to get more detailed information about required medical equipment. Simple use of our online catalog provides substantial reduction of time for the search process: everything is clear and will not cause any difficulties to find the particular medical device to purchase.


1) Being a distributor in Device Informed global database you get an easier way to sell your products to direct clients on your local market. As we get requests from direct clients in your region who want to buy needed medical equipment.

2) You save time and get easier contact process with customers without spending time as we send you direct requests from clients from your category or your product page. Clients can filter distributors by countries and contact directly through your page in our directory so you get customers without spending a time to find them, as they will find you through our database 24/7.

3) We put all the necessary information about your company and products to our database. You have a personal company's page in our database where you can put such information as logo, information about your company, contacts, pictures and videos, catalogs, link to the website of a manufacturer, certificates.

4) Manually added information about your company and 10 your main products in two languages (English and your native language) guarantees complete and reliable presentation at our database which saves you money for running your own website.

5) Being a distributor at Device Informed you sell directly to the customer as our company does not distribute, sell or resell medical devices. Our aim is to provide information about medical equipment to people all over the world.

6) Being a distributor at Device Informed database you get an access to the global directory of medical devices all over the world, where you get contacts of the manufacturers of your interest and to present them in your country. Manufacturers around the globe either can see your profile at our database and contact with you for the presentation of their company and products in your region as an official distributor.


According  to the latest research we are interesting for 138 countries in the world. From that number of countries we have visitors every month.  

What`s more?

We put your products to the needed category (one or several) at our database according to discipline and stage of medical care such as Primary care, Secondary care, Rehabilitation, Medical technical facilities, Medical furniture, logistics equipment, Laboratory, Dental instruments.

You find how easy and simple our system is for using as it does not require special trainings and seminars. You get online support as soon as you need it by e-mail, skype or phone.

Join to DeviceInformed as a distributor and expand your customer network receiving more requests for your medical products from our global database.

Develop and expand your business network with Device Informed!

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