Gas chromatography systems

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Gas chromatography systems are complex machines used in gas chromatography to extract gases from medical samples in order to deliver more specific, flexible and reliable analysis. These systems use a flow-through narrow tube, which is known as the column, through which different chemical constituents of a sample pass in a gas stream. Different rates are chosen depending on the different chemical and physical properties and interaction with a sophisticated column filling (stationary phase).

When the chemicals exit the column, they are detected and identified electronically. Stationary phase functions so the components will leave the column at a different time and will be separated. There are other parameters that can change the order or time of retention used in gas chromatography systems, such as column length, temperature, and carrier gas flow rate.

There are various types of gas chromatography but the most commonly used technique is gas-liquid chromatography, which separates organic compounds in solution. The general principle of gas chromatography systems is an injection of the sample solution to the instrument, then the gas enters a gas stream and the sample is transported into the column. Most widely used detectors are TCD, FID, and ECD.

Usually, gas chromatography systems feature large, full-color touch screen interface, which provides easier system accessibility and usability. Fast injection technology (in seconds) ensures the best possible peak shape and accurate results. Those systems are compact, almost zero requirements for bench space while offering a top-class sample capacity.

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