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Spectrometers are scientific instruments originally used to split light into separate colors. Nowadays these devices are more broadly used in physico-chemical analysis field, where spectrometers determine chemical compositions in order to gather data. The concept of spectrometer now surrounds instruments that do not examine light. Spectrometers are used in chemical analysis as well as in particle physics to separate particles, molecules, and atoms by their momentum, energy, and mass.

The resolution of a spectrometer indicates how well two energies, wavelengths, frequencies or masses can be resolved together. Higher resolution will mean lower intensity when the instrument is with mechanical slits.

There are different types of spectrometers:

 • Optical spectrometer
 • Mass spectrometer, which can be divided into two more categories:
 • Time-of-flight spectrometer
 • Magnetic spectrometer

Spectrometers are compact and easy to use. They are developed for fast and secure use in routine applications such as wastewater testing. Different measuring methods, like time scam, quantitative, kinetics, or spectrum scan, are provided. Spectrometers are suitable for the most sensitive silicate and chloride test without causing any damage to cooling and boiling water systems. They are ideal instruments for rapid and reliable results because there is no need to wait until the test is at room temperature and results will not change according to temperature variability.

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