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A colorimeter is a device used in laboratories to measure the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution. Colorimeter is commonly used to determine the concentration of already known solute, which is in a given solution. According to the Beer-Lambert law, the concentration of a solute is proportional to the absorbance. The users have to bear in mind that these colorimeters are not the same as tristimulus colorimeters, which are created for color calibration.

Colorimeters consist of few main parts: a light source, an adjustable aperture, filters, cuvette, a detector and a meter to display the output from the detector. Probably the most important part of the colorimeter is changeable filters, which are used to select the wavelength in order to get the most accurate results. Normally wavelength range from approximately 400 to 700 nm. In the newest colorimeters, there are diodes of various colors instead of filters.

Colorimeters are usually lightweight, waterproof, battery operated and suitable for extended field work or quick process monitoring. These devices get clear and precise results in daily examinations and even under difficult conditions. The range of wavelengths is very wide, large data storage and built-in USB port provides the easy transfer of the information.

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