Liquid chromatography systems

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Liquid chromatography system is a biochemical laboratory device, which separates a mixture of compounds to identify, purify and quantify the individual components of the mixture. A procedure can be carried out in a column or a plane. These liquid chromatography systems can be used for the following applications: ion-exchange of proteins, water purification, preconcentration of trace components, ligand-exchange, and high-pH exchange of carbohydrates and oligosaccharides.

Liquid chromatography systems are divided into classes based on the polarity of the mobile and stationary phases. Methods, where the mobile phase is less polar than the stationary phase are called phase liquid chromatography, for example, when toluene is the mobile phase and the silica as the stationary phase). The opposite method is termed reversed liquid chromatography, for example, when water-methanol acts as the mobile phase and octadecylsilyl as the stationary phase).

Liquid chromatography systems are powerful and adaptable. They provide data management, security features and reporting and instrument validation. These systems increase productivity by managing all areas of analysis - from samples to instruments and from separations to reporting results. The columns of liquid chromatography systems are excellent for solving separation problems with non-polar basic and acidic compounds, and for peptides also. Columns combine speed with efficiency - offer faster flow rates at a lower operating pressure.

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