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Titrators are devices used in quantitative chemical analysis to determine a substance of an identified analyte in a controlled manner and then to redistribute it. Titration procedure is also known as volumetric analysis because the volume is the main measurement that is being identified. In order to determine concentration, a volume of reagent has to react with a solution of an analyte.

Typically, titrators are used when the reagent and analyte are in a form of liquid. To improve accuracy, already concentrated analytes are diluted. Various solvents, such as glacial acetic acid or ethanol can be used for sophisticated purposes, for example, in petrochemistry.

Often, the constant pH monitoring is needed throughout the reaction with many non-acid-base titrations. Sometimes, to maintain the pH, a buffer solution can be added. Some reactions require to heat the sample solution or if only one of two analytes is desired to be seen, titrators can add the chamber, which masks the unwanted ion.

Titrators are usually with touchscreen and USB connection. They are ideal for the trace level water content determination with an excellent capability and upgraded performance. These laboratory devices are reliable and simple to operate as well as expandable and upgradeable.

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