Environmental gas analyzers

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An environmental gas analyzer is a measurement device, which determines the concentration of gases, for example, carbon monoxide, in the environment. Common applications can include fish farming/breeding, aquaculture, pollution control, effluent management and environmental analysis. Environmental gas analyzers are needed to for characterizing and monitoring the quality of the environment. Often there is a need to establish the current status of an environment in order to see trends in environmental parameters.

Environmental gas analyzers provide a high-sensitivity analysis, which detects metal traces in different simple or complex matrixes. These devices are suitable for routine analyses and for use by non-particularly skilled operators. Monitoring of ambient air quality in remote areas is as well important as the rapid response in case of an environmental disaster. The samples are not destroyed during analyses and matrixes do not require any chemical or physical treatment, which means analyses can be run on the original samples.

High speed is one of the key points in these environmental gas analyzers, which provides measuring the potential variations with their subsequent processing and high detectability level can be reached. Applications such as heavy metal detection in waters, air, ground, food, oil and cosmetic fields are essential for the public and environmental health. Environmental gas analyzers are ideal devices for laboratories, where mobility and fast results are needed.

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