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This section has information about dental laboratory equipment and devices from manufactures all over the world. Everyone can find easily needed instruments and devices for dental laboratory from best companies at our online catalogue and can ask directly required manufacturer for cost and purchase.  Distributors and suppliers from any country in the world also can contact with producers of dental laboratory equipment and establish contact with them to present needed company in their region. Suppliers and distributors can order this dental laboratory equipment for their customers and laboratories.

A dental laboratory is a specific laboratory, which is related to manufacturing of dental support structures (denture, teeth crowns, bridges, and dental implants), therapeutic instruments and substances needed in dental practice (like teeth filling materials). This type of laboratory requires a lot of specific equipment (dental milling machines, dental laboratory turbines, specific micro motors, and face bows among others). Dental laboratory technicians, who follows a prescription from a licensed dentist, produce dental items for dental laboratory.

Laboratories that use dental laboratory devices and equipment mostly have the Certified Dental Laboratory certificate. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the highest level of certification for dental laboratories.

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