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DESCRIPTION OF Planmeca Creo™ - Dental 3D printers

Planmeca Oy is a global manufacturer of dental care equipment and distributes products in over 120 countries worldwide. Planmeca Oy, headquartered in Helsinki, is a largest private held company in many fields of dental technology. Planmeca’s product lines are organized in dental care units, 2D and 3D X-ray units, digital imaging and software applications, CAD/CAM solutions. The Planmeca Group's turnover in 2016 was employing nearly 2,700 people worldwide.

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Mr. Jukka Kanerva, Vice President of Planmeca company, states:

“3D printing is the way of the future, as it permits labs and larger clinics to expand their production capabilities and increase efficiency”, comments Jukka Kanerva.

“We feel that 3D printing is set to take on a much more substantial role in dentistry – we can’t wait for our customers to see what Planmeca Creo is capable of”, Mr. Kanerva states.

Planmeca Creo™ 3D printer

The Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca has introduced Planmeca Creo™ 3D printer. The new 3D printer will allow dental laboratories and large clinics to perfect their craft and grow their business.

Planmeca Creo is a powerful 3D printer for creating dental splints, models and surgical guides with true precision and efficiency. In the near future, the device will also support the creation of other dental objects of intricate detail, such as temporary fillings and orthodontic models.

Planmeca Creo uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to create objects out of UV curable resin. The 3D printer has its own dedicated software, which is included as part of all deliveries.

Features of Planmeca Creo™ 3D printer:

• High-quality dental applications from medically approved materials
• Completes Planmeca’s seamless digital workflow
• In-house printing lowers costs and saves time
• DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology
• Printing times (horizontal printing):

-  Dental models: 2 hours
-  Surgical guides: 45 minute

• Large printing area: fits up to 6 dental models or 25 surgical guides at the same time
• Creo Studio software


• Dental models
• Surgical guides

More materials coming soon:

• Dental splints
• Cast models
• Individual impression trays
• Temporary crowns and bridges

When will Planmeca Creo™ 3D printer be available?

The new Planmeca Creo 3D printer is available for pre-orders, with deliveries expected to begin in June.

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SPECIFICATION OF Planmeca Creo™ - Dental 3D printers

Configuration: tabletop
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