Straumann® CARES® CADCAM - Dental CAD/CAM scanners

DESCRIPTION OF Straumann® CARES® CADCAM - Dental CAD/CAM scanners

The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 is part of the validated workflow of the CARES® System. All scanner functions and interfaces have been tested to deliver reliable and standardized results in combination with the Straumann® CARES® Visual software and the Straumann® CARES® milling process.


Any high-precision prosthetic element starts with an accurate scan. The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 uses advanced 3D laser technology that achieves this accuracy in several ways:

The scanner records a high density of information, taking into account the angulation and diameter;

The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 is built for the future with online updating capability on its firmware;

The laser technology is calibrated for a lifetime due to a fixed mounted optical measurement unit on a moveable plate – no re-calibration in the lab is needed.

The laser optic measurement unit is a proven technology, accounted for by over 1.5 million scanned and milled elements.

The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scans solid master models, section cuts and antagonist models. It reduces scanning times to just 30 seconds for single dies and 3 minutes for master models.


To facilitate remote support, the Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 features a built-in camera so that our support center can literally see your problem and address it expediently. Learn more about our CADCAM support here.


Applications: dental laboratory
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