Dental laboratory welders

This category contains information about such dental laboratory equipment as dental laboratory welders. Dental laboratory welders` category will be useful for distributors, suppliers, dealers, and sellers of this particular equipment from all over the world as this category gather welders for dental laboratory from manufacturers and companies, which produce such products worldwide.

A dental laboratory welder is an apparatus with joins metallic parts by heating.  Dental laboratory welders are an excellent alternative to soldering techniques because welders are cleaner, stronger and faster and can increase productivity and quality with lower material and labor cost.

Dental laboratory welders are more compatible in the oral environment to renew or refurbish old partials, to add clasps and saddle areas or to replace extracted teeth.

Modern dental laboratory laser welders produce stronger and accurate connections. Many dental laser welders are single pulse.

Dental laboratory welders are used for fabrication and reconstruction of repair procedures such as loops and posts for tooth additions, new cast clasp assembly, new wrought wire single-arm clasping, cast extensions for existing partials and for many other welding procedures in dental laboratory.

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