Dust suction units

This category contains information about such dental laboratory equipment as dust suction units. Dental dust suction units` category will be useful for distributors, suppliers, dealers, and sellers of this particular equipment from all over the world as this category gather dust suction units from manufacturers and companies, which produce such products worldwide.

A dust suction unit is a pump which absorbs small particles from the air to maintain it clean. Dust suction units are necessary dental equipment for dental laboratories. Such material as quartz, ceramic, plastic, chrome-cobalt, gold and chrome-cobalt make dust that can cause serious health consequences of prolonged exposure and inhalation for dental technicians.

To keep clean, safe and productive work environment from unnecessary dust in dental laboratory dental laboratory technicians use dust section units.

Dental laboratory dust suction units require compressed air or power for a vacuum motor to run.

Vary filter systems – reversible filter, anti-microbial, fiberglass, cartridge filter, HEPA, activated carbon, cloth bags, paper, gas phase – may be used in dust suction units. For minimal maintenance and longer service life some dust suction units have brushless motors.

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