Dental laboratory polymerizers

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Generally, polymerization is a chemical reaction, where two or more molecules are combined together to create larger molecules that have the same structural units as the original molecules. There are two types of polymerization: chain-reaction and step-reaction.

A dental laboratory polymerizer is a device used in curing of dental acrylic or composites by heating, using light or pressure. Dental laboratory polymerizers are very useful for dental lab professionals for polymerization in the field of crown and bridge glazing or coating, dental artificiate gingival customizing and cosmetic finishing, light-cured impression tray. The heating process can be started with the lid open, so the water is drained off through a drain tap, which is provided with the unit.

Dental laboratory polymerizers are suitable for the polymerisation of photosensitive resin plates, for the preparation of individual impression tray, denture bases, bite pieces, occlusal blocks and masks. Dental laboratory polymerizers inject acrylic material into a flask in order to get more pressure to produce different dental appliances. There options to adjust pressure, time and curing temperature. Pressure pot is made of stainless steel and is corrosion-resistant.

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