Dental articulators

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A dental articulator is a device which can restore accurate mandibular movements. These devices are used in dental laboratories when creating prostheses to test them.

There are two types of dental articulators:

1) Adjustable dental articulators

2) Non-adjustable articulators

Adjustable dental articulators are used to fabricate orthodontic and prosthodontic restorations and appliances. Such type of dental articulations is good either for simple and uncomplicated restorations or for more complex and demanding dental restorations. Some adjustable dental articulations can boast magnetic mounting plate attachment, accurate transfers of cast from one articulation to another and also can precise calibration derived from patient X-Rays.

Non-adjustable dental articulators are used to fix casts of the maxillary and mandibular teeth, showing recorded positions of the mandible in relation to the maxilla. Non-adjustable dental articulators can simulate lateral and protrusive jaw movement and can only open and close in a fixed horizontal axis.  Different non-adjustable dental articulators are mostly used for single and minimal unit bridge fabrication or orthodontics and splint fabrications.

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