MULTILINE™ - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF MULTILINE™ - Dermatology lasers


Alexanrite/Q-switched is an external interchangeable compact laser emitter which represents one of the options for the MULTILINE Laser System.

Technical specifications: wavelength 755 nm, energy density 3-100 J/cm2, pulse energy 0.1 – 2 J, pulse frequency 1-6 Hz, pulse duration 40 ns – 2 ms, spot size 3 mm, 5 mm.


- Treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmentation

- Tattoo removal (amateur or professional tattoo ink, at any depth)


MULTILINE™ is a unique laser system with an integrated universal power and control system featuring external compact laser emitters. User’s options for MULTILINE involve seven interchangeable high-energy emitters:

Er:YAG + SMA Module (2940 nm)

Nd:YAP/Q-switched (1079 nm)

Nd:YAP triple-wavelength long pulse contact scalpel (1079 nm, 1340 nm, 1440 nm)

Nd:YAP/KTP/Q-Switched (540/1079 nm)

Alexanrite/Q-switched (755 nm)

Ruby/Q-switched (694 nm)

Replacing one laser emitter with another alters the profile of the device, taking it to another level and transforming it into a different tool. The original design allows the equipment to maintain stable outcome parameters and offers required durability, resisting external mechanical wear. To simplify its use, Multiline settings are pre­programmable and provide excellent clinical results.

Capabilities in aesthetics, dermatology, surgery, phlebology and endoscopy

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Applications: pigmented lesion treatment, tattoo removal
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
Wavelength: 755 nm
Amplifying medium: alexandrite
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