3LT® EML - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF 3LT® EML - Dermatology lasers

Erchonia's patented line of 3LT® lasers now include the FIRST and ONLY Low Level Laser (3LT®) to be given FDA market clearance for use during liposuction - the Erchonia EML.

The painless laser treatment is administered a few minutes prior to liposuction and works by liquefying the fat. As a result, fat removal is made easier and quicker. There is less post-op pain, bruising, and a speedier recovery time. In addition, less pain medication is required.

We received market clearance on the EML based on the results of an IRB approved, multi-center, double blind, randomized study. The comparison between the actively treated patients and the placebo-treated patients resulted in an impressive difference between groups in degree of pain. Significant differences in emulsification of fat, ease of extraction, and amount of swelling were also recorded.

"This approval is a major step forward in our goal to establish the Erchonia EML as the future of liposuction," comments Charlie Shanks, VP of Sales and Marketing for Erchonia. "We believe that eventually patients will demand laser-assisted liposuction over traditional methods because of the amazing post-operative benefits."

FIRST and ONLY Low-Level Laser given FDA market clearance for use during liposuction

Configuration: Dual Diode

Diodes: (2) 7.5 milli Watt

Wavelength: 635 nm

Frequency: Variable from Constant wave (CW) - 10,000hz

Capable of up to ten (10) presets

Enter up to four (4) Frequencies at once

Pre-programmed Lipo Setting

Weight: 3.05 lbs

Material: Machined Billet Aluminum Enclosure, Powder Coated for Durability and Ease of Cleaning

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SPECIFICATION OF 3LT® EML - Dermatology lasers

Applications: lipolysis
Ergonomics: hand-held
Wavelength: 635 nm
Amplifying medium: diode
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