Dyos 810/980 - Dermatology lasers

Dyos 810/980

DESCRIPTION OF Dyos 810/980 - Dermatology lasers


The DYOS enables not only the treatment of smaller vascular and pigmentation-related facial skin changes but also effective surgical and ablation procedures. It is also suitable for a wide variety of therapeutic applications. The excellent handling combined with a large selection of applicators enables safe and precise procedures with minimal tissue damage and maximum flexibility and mobility.

Fields of use: Otolaryngology, dermatology, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, laser therapy

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- Ablation, coagulation and cutting of tissue, hyperplasia of the nasal concha, tonsillectomies, tumour surgery, small vascular and pigmentation-related skin changes, herpes, oral ulcers;

- Wart treatment;

- Onychomycosis;

- aPDT - antimicrobial photodynamic therapy;

- Wound healing and circulatory disorders;


- Effective and safe treatments;

- High penetration depth and selective issue absorption, very good haemostasis;

- Wide range of potential applications, costs recuperated in a short time;

- Pain relief (joint and muscular pain, tendinopathy) therapy for rheumatic disorders causing inflammation.

Product highlights

- High Impulse Generation (HIG) for treatment with minimal tissue damage;

- Integrated indication memory;

- Convenient stand with integrated handpiece holder;

- Easy-to-clean glass control panel;

- Maintenance-free ventilation cooling;

- 2-year warranty;

- Made in Thuringia, Germany.

Technical data

Power: 1 – 15 W

Wavelength: 810 or 980 nm

Operating mode: CW, pulsed, high impuls

Pulse duration: continuous, 1–9000 ms, 100 µs

Pilot laser: Red 635 nm, max. 1 mW

Operating Voltage: 90 – 264 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz

Weight: 2.1 kg

Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 70 mm (H x B x D)

Certification: CE 0494