FRAXIS - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF FRAXIS - Dermatology lasers

The FRAXIS CO2 Fractional Laser System treats scar and wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin by means of micro-sized laser beams which, when puncturing the skin. have a strong ablation effect while causing only mild thermal damage. The spot size of the laser beam is only 100 microns. This means that while a multiplicity of holes may be made in the skin during a treatment session, the holes are so small they will quickly heal, particularly when surrounded by healthy tissue. Not just the individual holes, but the entire treatment area will therefore heal quickly.

Patient recovery time is therefore substantially reduced and is much faster than is the case when using the more traditional laser resurfacing techniques. Treatment can be done by using any of eight different scanning shapes and types, while the pulse duration can be adjusted between 100 and 5000 microseconds.

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SPECIFICATION OF FRAXIS - Dermatology lasers

Applications: dermatological
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
Wavelength: 10600 nm
Amplifying medium: CO2
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