MIDEPI - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF MIDEPI - Dermatology lasers


High power diode laser, Strong cooling, Optium tip size,

MIDEPI has it all for Hair removal

Optimal Tip Size

- In case of wider Tip size, Fluence becomes low.

Ex) 30J/ 1cm2 = 30J/cm2 /30J/ 1.8cm2 = 16.67J/cm2

- In order to reach same 30J/cm2, either Power(W) up or

time(SEC) shall be long

- The longer shot time, the stronger pain, and less

effect-General Theory of Laser

Laser type Hight Power Diode Laser

Wave length 808nm

Fluence 1~100J/cm2

Pulse type Short / Long / combi / Multi

Spot size 10mm x 10mm

Shot Speed 1~15Hz

Storage 18 presetting + 6 memory

Operation mode Skin type I~VI / Hair thickness (Thick, Medium, Thin)

Cooling Contact Cooling System

System Cooling High capability compressor chiller

Display 10.4 Inch LCD Touch Screen [LG]

Dimension 374 x 572 x 1013 mm

Weight 70kg

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SPECIFICATION OF MIDEPI - Dermatology lasers

Applications: dermatological
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
Wavelength: 808 nm
Amplifying medium: diode
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