JOULE™ - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF JOULE™ - Dermatology lasers


The Sciton JOULE provides the widest array of aesthetic and surgical procedures available from a single, scalable system, because it is the world’s first OptiPlex™ platform to accommodate three distinct delivery modes: arm, fiber, and broadband light.

JOULE can include all ten Sciton laser and light modules and will also accommodate future modules yet to be developed. Click the wheel below to see many of the applications available on the JOULE and why it offers the broadest range of applications on the market today.

Modules :

ClearScan ALX™ - The New Era in Alexandrite Laser Technology - Superior patient comfort, effective & trusted results, and fast

treatment times.

ClearScan YAG™’s 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelength and pulse duration are unmatched for permanent hair reduction and vascular lesions from telangiectasias to reticular leg and facial veins.

ProFractional™ - The best of both worlds — incredible results and minimal downtime! Sciton’s ProFractional resurfaces a portion of the skin to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions, while leaving surrounding skin intact to promote rapid recovery.

ProFractional utilizes an erbium:YAG laser, which was chosen due to its high ablation efficiency.

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SPECIFICATION OF JOULE™ - Dermatology lasers

Applications: pigmented lesion treatment, vascular lesion treatment, hair removal, skin rejuvenation
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
Amplifying medium: Er:YAG, Nd:YAG, alexandrite
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