DELIGHT® - Dermatology lasers


DESCRIPTION OF DELIGHT® - Dermatology lasers



DELIGHT® brings to your office the best and most reliable technology for removing unwanted fat, improving body contouring and face lifting. Allowing plenty treatment options with up to two different LASER wavelengths, DELIGHT® generates much more value to your aesthetic practice, offering excellent outcomes with maximum safety, minimum downtime and high ROI.


DELIGHT® can incorporate up to two wavelengths – 915 and 980 nm – working over different target-chromophores. Such combination leads to much sharper treatments, regarding results and safety, by reducing recovery time and general risk of post-treatment adverse effects.

915 nm LASER has a very specific action over adipocytes, which makes the converted heat to be absobed by subdermal fat layers of tissue. Heated fat becomes emulsified to be excreted from body afterwards; in addition, moving the micro-cannula is much easier due to LASER action under tissue providing a massive disruption of fat deposits.

980 nm LASER is selectively absorbed by water, causing both collagen and elastin fibers to contract and regenerate due to intense heating, providing then improved results in skin tightening and laxity treatment. When regarding treatment indications, this assestment has been responsible for making LAL to become one of the most reliable and seek procedures worlwide.

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SPECIFICATION OF DELIGHT® - Dermatology lasers

Applications: body contouring, lipolysis
Ergonomics: tabletop
Amplifying media: diode
Wavelength: 980 µm, 915 nm
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