Medical furniture, logistics equipment is an online medical device database where you can find needed equipment for hospitals from well-respected medical device companies and manufacturers that are based around the globe.

This category has the information about essential medical furniture and logistics equipment. Medical furniture is an integral part of the medical infrastructure. Without medical furniture and logistics equipment, all medicine departments cannot work properly.

Medical furniture and logistics equipment consists of:

1) Hospital wards, hosting equipment

2) Operating room equipment

3) Medical offices and examination rooms equipment

4) Patient transfer, mobility aid equipment

5) Medical logistics, service, storage

1. Hospital wards are specialized rooms where patients with similar conditions are placed during hospitalization or other medical procedures. In this category there is such equipment as pediatric beds, hospital baby bassinets, warming blankets, medical pillows, medical sleeper chairs, shower stools, seats, chairs, dining tables for healthcare facilities, etc.

2. Operating room is a place where medical surgeries are performed and it contains all kinds of medical devices and equipment that is needed to perform a specific surgery. There is such equipment as specialized operating tables, minor surgery lamps, shoulder, arm, hip boards, positioning cushions, plaster, suture, dressing trolleys, surgical sinks, etc.

3. Medical offices and examination rooms are places where medical doctors receive and treat patients. The waiting room and examination room is a primary place for giving ambulatory care and it includes such equipment as baby changing stations, examination chairs, tables, medical spots, ENT workstations, infrared lamps, disinfection systems, germicidal lamps, waiting room furniture, etc.

4. Patient transfer is a method of moving patient from one place to another. Mobility aid equipment is needed in order to help in the walking process: when a patient can’t walk by himself or has difficulties in doing it). Patient transfer and mobility aid use equipment like electric wheelchairs, lift chairs, rollators, walking standers, walking sticks, bathroom grab bars, shower chairs, stairlifts, tilt tables, stretcher trolleys, etc.

5. The hospital needs equipment not only for operations but for laboratories, laundry, disposal, cleaning, administration and other departments. In medical logistics, service and storage category you can find various equipment like treatment trolleys, medicine distribution trolleys, laundry trolleys, medical transfer and storage cabinets, operating room cabinets, shelving units, and shelves, hospital cleaning trolleys, gas cylinder trolleys, etc.

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