GERMILAMP - Germicidal lamps



ULTRAVIOLET RAYS STERILIZER,GERMILAMP is an efficient,comfortable and easy machinery for the rapid sterilization (from 5 to 10 minutes),of material not contaminated by organic liquids. The cold sterilization is obtained with original lamps which produce ultraviolet rays, wave-length of 2537 A(Germicidal lamp).The radiations of this wave-length have an high bactericide power and emit ozone steams,to purify air.GERMILAMP is also useful,for the sterile conservation for long times,of already sterilized materials! Potent germicidal action is amplified by reflecting surfaces. A microswitch placed near the protective screen, prevents accidental direct exposures. The lamps is use emit over 85% of their energy with wave-length 253,7 nm. in ultraviolet band, with a radiation that kills bacteria and other micro-organismsTechnical details: Absorbed power: 15 Watt Feeding: 230 V - 50/60 Hz Dimensions: 48x22,5x21 cm Weight: kg. 6


Applications: germicidal
Configuration: table
Light source: UV
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