Medical logistics, service, storage

Medical logistics, service, storage. The term logistics (in medical field) refers to coordination of a complex operation involving many different medical sectors, people and supplies, in order to increase the efficiency of hospital, as a complex health facility, work. The hospital consists not only of different medical departments- it also has its kitchen, administration, laboratory and chemistry, storage units for laundry, disposal, cleaning, and sterilization materials and all of these sectors must work together properly.

Hospital service is a term used to describe the supporting laboratories, equipment and personnel that are incorporated in hospital infrastructure. Hospital services make up the core of a hospital's offerings and suggest a range of medical offerings from basic health care to training and research for major medical school canters. The mix of various services in the specific hospital depends upon hospital’s basic mission, for example, teaching hospitals are not only health care institutions but also a field for medical students to observe and perform medical procedures.

The term storage means refers to storing of different medical equipment and medical information.

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