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Deviceinformed.com is a useful resource for various medical facilities in need of advanced and sophisticated medical equipment. This website contains thousands of quality devices and tools from globally recognized manufacturers and suppliers. This section provides information about the operating room equipment.

Operating room is the place with a sterile environment, where various medical surgeries and operations are performed. Operating room can be also called operating theater and it contains all medical equipment needed for the specific type of surgery. Operating rooms are extensive, easy to clean, bright in order to provide lighting for surgeons, and sometimes have viewing screens, where others can see the whole procedure, or monitors. Temperature and humidity should be controlled in operating rooms. Commonly, they are windowless, so rooms are supplied with wall suction, oxygen, and other anesthetic gases.

Operating rooms have the main equipment, like operating table and the anesthesia cart, and much secondary equipment like storage space for common surgical supplies, containers for disposables, sterile instruments, an electronic monitor, the pulse oximeter machine, automated blood pressure measuring machine, etc.

Operating tables are in the centre of the room and the height can be raised, lowered, or they can be tilted in any needed direction. The lights in the operating room are placed over the table, during operations, to provide bright light, without any shadows. At the head of operating table is the anesthesia machine. It has hoses, which are connected to the patient and provide mixture of gases to help him or her to breathe during operation. Next to the anesthesia machine there is always the anesthesia cart, that contains medications and other supplies, that the anesthesiologist may need during the surgery.

This section contains information about hip boards, abdominal supports, fixation straps, basin stands, instrument tables, surgical sinks, plaster trolleys, boot-type leg holders, headrests, head holders, universal operating tables, and many other equipment needed in various difficult operations.

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