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This section has information about dental practice equipment and dental devices from manufactures all over the world. Everyone can easily find needed device or medical equipment from best companies at our online catalogue and ask directly required manufacturer for a price and quotation.  Suppliers from every part of the world also can contact with manufacturers of dental practice equipment and establish contact with them to present needed company in their region.

Dental practice is a field close to the science of medicine, which is mostly concerned with structures and tissues in patient’s oral cavity (mostly teeth) conditions. It has several branches itself: orthodontics (fixing of poor occlusion), oral surgery (extracting the tooth, recreating the jaw), endodontics (the root canal therapy), and periodontology (the treatment of teeth supporting structures - gingiva, periodontal ligament), prosthodontics (a branch which focuses on dental prosthesis – the replacement of lost teeth), etc.

Some dental diseases can be related to other health conditions (for instance, dental erosion can be caused by frequent vomit, which in some cases allows suspecting bulimia) that`s why odontologists and other dental practitioners have knowledge about all human body and can define some other health diseases based on their dental examinations.  In that case, dental practice equipment play important role for examination and correct definition of dental disease. Suppliers and distributors can order this dental practice equipment for their customers and clinics.

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