Microstar Microscope Series OM-100 - Dental microscopes

Microstar Microscope Series OM-100

DESCRIPTION OF Microstar Microscope Series OM-100 - Dental microscopes

Our 0M-100 Microscope was specially designed to be used in dentistry. With a great image quality and thanks to a new optic system the OM-100 Microscope provides the best clearness, resolution and focal range.

The equipment has an enhanced maneuverability thanks to a floating pantographic arm. Joints mounted on bearings guarantee smooth movements as well as great stability (WBS, weight balance system).

We provide 3 illumination options, all of them through a 7-mm diameter fiber optic cable:

150 watts Standard halogen (double lamp)

80 watts LED: the newest in illumination, white, cold, high intensity Light and 50,000-useful-hour LED. At present, it is the most convenient illumination option.

180 watts Xenon lamp, the most intense, white and brilliant light available in the market.


Floor mounted with rolling base

Ceiling mounted

Wall mounted

Table mounted (temporal bone laboratories)

Other specifications:

Binoculars: inclined / ergobinocular (inclinable 180º)

200, 250 and 300 mm objective lens available, all with integrated fine focus.

5 magnifying glasses (4 / 6 / 10 / 16 / 25x)

Q 25 mm wide angle ocular with diopters correction

Orange filter to work with polymers

Optional accessories:

Long pantographic arm (+ 25 cm)

Extension device for standard pantographic arm

Binocular rotating ring

Lens protection ring

Sterilizable covers kit

One and two port image splitter.

Assistant binocular

Procam TV camera (integrated connection in the light source).

Adaptor for digital photographic camera

Stand for LCD monitor.

Endodigi Software for digital patient recording and image filing.

SPECIFICATION OF Microstar Microscope Series OM-100 - Dental microscopes

Ergonomics: on casters
Microscope type: operating microscope
Exploration type: dental surgery
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