Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224 WP) - Dental monitors

Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224 WP)

DESCRIPTION OF Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224 WP) - Dental monitors

Barco's Eonis® dental display perfectly answers a series of needs that many dentists will recognize: an attractive, versatile design, excellent cleanability and bright, consistent image quality. The white version features a front glass panel and is fully sealed, making it exceptionally cleanable, even with 70% alcohol cleaning agents.

Fully cleanable design

Barco’s Eonis display features toughened glass and covered cables, making the display safe to use in a dental environment. The display has a protective front glass panel and is rated IP-32 front and back, making it exceptionally cleanable to prevent contamination.

Attractive, versatile and multi-purpose

Stylishly white with rounded corners and an integrated cable management system, the display will perfectly blend into every dental practice. The multiple mounting options further add to its smart design: it can be used with a VESA stand, on the dentist’s desk, or mounted on a rotatable arm. Multiple connections are available, including extra inputs to show video content.

Consistent image quality

Eonis displays provide crisp, high-contrast images for fast and effective viewing of dental images. To guarantee image consistency at all times, the display features a unique front sensor that automatically aligns image quality every time the display is turned on. Barco’s online MediCal QAWeb service further strengthens image consistency and allows you to easily personalize your image.

SPECIFICATION OF Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224 WP) - Dental monitors

Applications: dental
Technology: LCD, LED
Screen size: 24.1 in
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