Dental bleaching lamps

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A dental bleaching lamp is a medical device used for teeth whitening. It is a strong lamp which can be placed on an arm and used in dentist’s office or be wearable and designed to use at home. Dental bleaching lamps are used for teeth whitening.

There are different types of lights for teeth whitening:

1) Blue LED – emit a cold blue light which safe to human beings. This type of light cannot burn the skin or gums. Dental bleaching lamps with this type of light react to teeth faster and better with hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel. Lamps with blue LED light are common in the teeth whitening sphere.

2) Plasma - very powerful light but also very expensive. This type of light is perfect for teeth whitening.

3) Laser – react better with a gel. Dentists practically do not use this type of light as it can destroy the tooth pigment without using a gel. This type of light can fire a narrow beam and dentists should be very careful using it and hold it in front of each tooth.

4) UV – react faster with hydrogen peroxide gel. This light is harmful to human beings. Now such type of light practically do not used for teeth whitening.

5) Halogen – very powerful light and get very hot and can burn skin or gums.

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