FotoFinder medicam 1000 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

FotoFinder medicam 1000

Product video

DESCRIPTION OF FotoFinder medicam 1000 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

The gold standard for epiluminescence microscopy and video documentation.

Full HD live brilliance in screening and follow-up examinations.

The Full HD video camera medicam 1000 offers incomparable image quality and sets standards in dermoscopy! Robust, reliable and extremely rapid in continuous operation, the camera allows brilliant dermoscopic videos and excellent clinical images, be they of the whole back or individual fingernails. By the way, FotoFinder is the only one to have completely integrated the Full HD live image in the software: that means you neither need two monitors nor to save the image to be able to view it in its full resolution. That means you can see all the details even in live screening!

The uniqueness of medicam 1000:

- Full HD brilliance with CrystalView technology

- Continuous optical live-zoom with autofocus

- Perfectly suitable for dermoscopy of skin, hair and nails

- Variable magnification up to 140X

- Dermoscopy with immersion and polarization

- Floodlight illumination and spacer for brilliant overview images

- Intuitive control via the panel on the back of the camera

- Special attachments for fluorescence diagnostics and capillaroscopy

- Proven Moleanalyzer, hair analysis and TrichoLAB Service

- Dynamic use of wireless media, e.g. tablets

- Suitable for all standard USB-connections

- Suitable for multi-user installations

SPECIFICATION OF FotoFinder medicam 1000 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

Type: video
Ergonomics: hand-held
Light source: LED
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