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This section contains information about dermatology and aesthetic medical equipment such as dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes.

Dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes are medical devices used in the dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The use of dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes is the examination of benign and cancerous lessions and most often in a diagnosis of melanoma.

Normally dermatoscopes consist of:

• Magnifier
• Non-polarised light source
• Transparent plate
• Liquid medium which allows inspection of a skin lessions

The dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes are accurate and precise in the case of sensitivity and specificity, compared with a naked eye examination. Accuracy is at a high level because dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes advanced techniques reduce unnecessary surgical excisions of benign lessions.

There is a huge variety of dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes in our catalog and all of them feature different features. Some dermatoscopes are intended for looking at the microcirculation (microcapillary function) of the blood vessels under fingernails. Capillaroscopes do the inspection of capillaries of all human body and investigate the total surface of the skin. Capability to evaluate the skin at numerous magnification levels with accurate light is the main feature of both dermatoscopes and capillaroscopes.

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