OP-120 022 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

OP-120 022

Product video

DESCRIPTION OF OP-120 022 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

No. OP-120 022

Optilia Digital Capillaroscope Extensive Kit is state-of-the-art video capillaroscopy system built around Optilia’s renown portable microscopy platform. This all in one system has a powerful and user-friendly interface for documenting, analyzing and following-up on patient examinations. In addition to user-friendliness, it provides sharp and detailed high resolution images with true color reproduction for accurate examination of giant capillaries, avascular areas, micro-hemorrhages etc.

This Extensive kit is developed for situations where Doctors have the need of moving around the entire Capillaroscopy workstation. It can also be used in situations where there is a need for a powerful stationary PC and larger monitor for displaying images with better clarity. Total space required is 70x70 centimeters.

The OptiPix Capillaroscopy software system has a powerful and user-friendly interface for documenting, analyzing and following-up. New images can be compared with old ones side by side. It is also possible to compare older images with live video, which gives a reliable comparison method where slight variation can be identified and observed.

Users can obtain precise measurements of the capillaries, either by using the predefined calibrations for the included 100x and 200x lenses or by calibrating a user defined magnification. Examinations can be printed out as reports, sent over Internet or be achieved in patients’ files.

OptiPix is built around a patient database system for data storage. The database manager has a powerful search function for easy access of specific patient information and patient examinations. For easy browsing, examinations are stored in chronological order.

The system has a sophisticated hand-mapping platform implemented, allowing users to keep track of the fingers and positions that have been examined.

Included items when you purchase OP-120 022:

- Mediscope Digital, basic camera unit

- 200x lens with LED illumination and contact adapter

- 100x lens with LED illumination and contact adapter

- Immersion fluid non-contact adapter for 200x lens

- Immersion fluid non-contact adapter for 100x lens

- Immersion oil dropper

- OptiPix Capillaroscopy Clinic: NVC examination with Patient database for journal, follow-up and reporting

- Annual service and support for OptiPix

- Image capture foot-switch for Mediscope with OptiPix

- Non-contact Focusing Stand for Mediscope

- Desktop holder for Mediscope

- Atlas of capillaroscopy in rheumatic diseases, M. Cutolo

- Aluminum transport case

- Laptop or PC with Win7P installed and ready for use

- Mobile ergonomic workstation

SPECIFICATION OF OP-120 022 - Dermatoscopes, Capillaroscopes

Type: video
Ergonomics: hand-held
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