AGA Blood donation/Transfusion (Lounge) Chairs - Blood collection chairs

AGA Blood donation/Transfusion (Lounge) Chairs

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DESCRIPTION OF AGA Blood donation/Transfusion (Lounge) Chairs - Blood collection chairs

Both the dialysis lounge chair (Article No. DLS-1065/E) and blood donation lounge chair (Article No. BSL-1065/G) have been specially designed for transfusion patients.

The armrests automatically move with the chair during tilt adjustment into the shock position, so that there is no need for the patient to change sitting and arm positions.

Blood Donation Lounge Chair BSL-1065/G

The blood donation lounge chair BSL-1065/G, designed for blood donation/collection, blood transfusion or intravenous (IV) treatment is equipped with a gas pressure spring mechanism for tilt adjustment. In order to bring a collapsing patient as quickly as possible into the desired shock position, we designed this chair with a gas pressure spring mechanism instead of electric adjustment.

By activating the gas pressure spring with the foot release lever that is easily accessible from three sides, the chair can be brought from the seated position continuously into the shock position by raising the foot section. The armrests are automatically adjusted with the chair frame. The patients do not need to change their body or arm positions.

- The wide base of the frame, equipped with levelling feet to compensate for uneven floors, ensures a high stability.

- The three upholstered sections have a thickness of 64 mm.

- The armrests are quickly adjustable in height, tilt and direction and easily locked in place to ensure a comfortable arm position for the donor or patient.

- The blood donation chair BSL-1065/G includes a pair of armrests with mounting clamps.

Options and accessories available can be found on our website.

A complete transfusion chair at a unique price!

The transfusion/blood donation lounge chair includes, at the listed price:

- a pair of adjustable armrests,

- a pair of fixing clamps.

Blood Donation/Transfusion Lounge Chair - Overview

- Shock position adjustment continuous with gas pressure spring and foot release

- Width 650 mm

- Height 550 mm / 650 mm with castors

- Length 1820 mm (back section 800 mm, seat section 480 mm, leg section 540 mm)

- Maximum load 150 kg

- Product weight 70 kg

- Frame - lacquered, see Frame Colours

- Upholstery thickness 64 mm, 21 Upholstery Colours available

The product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on page 114.


- Dialysis Lounge Chair DLS-1065/E

The dialysis lounge chair features an electric tilt adjustment which the user can manoeuver independently using a hand switch. Thanks to the continuous electric tilt adjustment, the diaysis chair can be brought directly from the sitting position into the shock position. Here again, the armrests are automatically adjusted with the chair frame. The patients do not need to change their body or arm positions.

- Blood Collection Chairs (

In addition to the transfusion lounge chairs, AGA also offers blood collection chairs, an indispensable tool in every medical practice. AGA's blood collection chairs are available with height adjustment or with fixed height.

- The height-adjustable blood collection chairs (Article No. BS-) feature an aluminium star-shaped base with five legs (in black or polished finish)

- The blood collection chairs with article No. BES- feature four coated flat oval steel tubing frame legs, and a fixed height.

The product descriptions and article numbers for the transfusion (lounge) chairs can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 110-115.

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