AGA Blood Collection Chairs - Blood collection chairs

AGA Blood Collection Chairs

DESCRIPTION OF AGA Blood Collection Chairs - Blood collection chairs

Blood collection chairs are an indispensable tool in every medical practice or facility. They provide a comfortable sitting position for the patient. The seat and the ergonomically-shaped backrest are also comfortably padded and covered with disinfectant-resistant synthetic leather.

Our customers can choose from a variety of different colours; this way, the blood collection chair can easily be combined with the existing furniture in all treatment rooms.

AGA Sanitätsartikel produces, in addition to height-adjustable blood collection chairs, models with a fixed height. The quality remains the same - each blood collection chair provides comfortable seating and the design of the base ensures the necessary load capacity and a long service life in your practice or facility.

Blood collection chairs with fixed height, also for adipose patients

Chair models BES-1046 and BES-1046/INF are suitable for a patient weighing up to 150 kilograms.

For obese patients, AGA offers an XXL version (BES-1062 and BES-1062/INF) of the blood collection chairs with fixed height. These models can support a patient weighing up to 300 kilograms. The distance between the two armrests is broadened to 620 mm.


- The frame is made of flat oval steel tubing (lacquered, see Frame Colours).

- The padded seat, back and armrests provide the patient with comfortable seating (Upholstery Colours).

- The seat height is 500 mm

- The distance between the wedge-shaped padded armrests 450 mm / 620 mm.

- BES-1046 and BES-1046/INF have a maximum weight load of 150 kg

- BES-1062 and BES-1062/INF have a maximum weight load of 300 kg

The listed price for the blood collection chairs BES-1046/INF and BES-1062/INF includes:

- two fixing clamps and

- a stainless steel infusion (IV) pole with four hooks.

The complete product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 114-115.

Blood collection chairs with height adjustment per hand lever

The various types of constructions of the base frame have been developed in order to always ensure the required load capacity. The blood collection chairs can be continuously adjusted in height from 420 to 540 millimetres with gas pressure spring (450-570 mm for the chairs with braked double castors) and have a maximum load capacity up to 130 kg.


- To provide the donor or patient with a comfortable arm position, the armrests are quickly adjustable in height, tilt and direction and easily locked in place.

- The five-arm aluminium base (Ø 610 mm) ensures stability.

- You may select from different models

- BS-1000/1 and BS-1000 with a black aluminium base, or

- BS-2000/1 and BS-2000 with a polished aluminium base.

- Our blood collection chairs are equipped as a standard with gliders but are also available with braked castors at no extra charge (please specify upon ordering).

- The ergonomically-shaped backrest can be continuously adjusted in height and tilt.

- The swivel seat is continuously height-adjustable from 420–540 mmwith a gas pressure spring mechanism.

- The maximum patient weight is 130 kg.

The blood collection chairs are fitted with one or two armrests, depending on the model: BS-1000 and BS-2000 have two armrests, while BS-1000/1 and BS-2000/1 have one armrest.

The blood collection chairs are also available with braked double castors at no extra charge (please specify upon ordering). With castors, the chair height adjustment range changes to 450 - 570 mm.

The blood collection chairs are available with a longer gas pressure spring (Height adjustment range 510 – 690 mm) and a height-adjustable foot ring. Pricing information is available upon request.

The blood collection chairs may be ordered without armrests, as office chairs, which can be found in the AGA product catalogue on page 121.

The complete product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 114-115 (


- Dialysis Lounge Chair DLS-1065/E -

- Blood Donation Lounge Chair BSL-1065/G -

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