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Podofix Starterbox

DESCRIPTION OF Podofix Starterbox - Other podiatry diagnosis equipment

Podofix® - the active adhesive brace

The podofix® active adhesive brace is attached to the ingrown or involuted toe-nail before it is tightened. Subsequently, the integrated wire is activated and gently pulls the nail rims from the nail fold. This enables to effectively treat ingrown and severely involuted toe-nails in a particularly gentle manner. The podofix® brace aides healthy growth of the toe-nail. The treatment with the podofix® brace does not affect the everyday life of the patient.

'Podofix' active adhesive brace

Podofix provides an innovative method for correcting all types of ingrown and involuted nails. This type of nail correction is suitable for almost everyone, including infants and diabetic patients. Therapists and patients alike are convinced by its medical and cosmetic results.

Podofix provides a gentle alternative to correcting nail deformations and aides deformed nails to regain their natural, healthy growth. With this simple inserting method, surgical interventions can be avoided and discomfort can be eased and permanently relieved in a quick and pain free manner.

Podofix is adapted to the individual nail shape and can be applied immediately, noticeably relieving discomfort for the patient in most cases. Attaching and activating the brace only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable. During the treatment, the everyday life or sports and water activities of the patient are generally not affected.


The podofix active adhesive brace can be used for most cases of deformed, painful ingrown and involuted nails.

Podofix braces are also recommended for the treatment of hypergranulation and corns at the nail fold. The podofix brace is equally suited to cosmetically correct deformed nails. The podofix brace can be employed as preparation for the treatment with the 3TO brace or with a COMBIped wire/adhesive brace, if the nail fold is too tight to attach the hooks.br>

Podofix active adhesive braces also provide a simple and efficient way of supporting the corrected nail growth and to prevent repeated ingrowing following treatment with wire braces.

Who is qualified to administer the podofix active adhesive brace?

The podofix active adhesive brace may only be administered by trained and experienced medical staff and beauticians.

Differences compared with conventional adhesive braces

Unlike conventional adhesive braces, the podofix active adhesive brace can be adapted to all nail shapes and can be glued to the nail in only a few seconds.

After that, the brace is activated and tightened with the integrated wire, guaranteeing perfect fit, secure fitting and maximum efficiency.

Mode of operation

The podofix active adhesive brace consists of an elastic plastic pad which is glued to the nail and comprises an activating wire which tightens the brace once it has been attached to the nail. Once fitted, the wire is positioned inside a recess of the plastic pad where it is smoothly sealed.

The podofix active adhesive brace is available in four different widths:

MINI (12mm); S (16mm); M (19mm); L (22mm)


The plastic pad of the podofix active adhesive brace is bent in order to adapt to the individual nail shape of the patient.

Before being tightened, the brace is glued to the nail. Approx. 1 minute later, once the adhesive has set, the brace is activated by twisting the integrated loop.

This slightly lifts the nail rims which relieves the surrounding tissue. Tension is adjusted continuously to suit the patient.

Once the excess wire has been trimmed, the gel depot of the podofix active adhesive brace is filled with PediGel and sealed within a couple of seconds. This therapy method is suitable for all age groups as well as for persons allergic against nickel and for diabetic patients.