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Ingrown toe-nails are a wide-spread problem for many patients. Ingrown toe-nails, called "unguis incarnatus" in medical terms, can either be genetic or the result of incorrectly cutting toe-nails or unsuitable shoes, causing toe-nail deformations. Ingrown toe-nails are often accompanied by inflamed nail folds. Like the unguis incarnatus, involuted nails are also caused by deformed nail plates and nail folds, with the front section of the toe-nail often curling inward.

Chiropodists, podologists and physicians offer treatment for ingrown and involuted toe-nails. It only takes a few minutes to fit the brace which usually provides quick release and often avoids surgical interventions, such as an Emmet operation. After wearing the nail brace for a certain time, the nail plate returns to its normal growth. 3TO offers the right brace for each type of ingrown or involuted nail. The therapist can choose between three techniques in order to find a suitable brace for the patient: the three-piece 3TO brace, the active adhesive brace 'podofix' or the combined wire/adhesive brace 'COMBIped' offer optimal treatment for each nail type.

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