Rehabilitation equipment is a database of first-class medical equipment from esteemed medical equipment manufacturers and companies around the globe. This catalogue is a convenient way for doctors and for nurses of various medical fields to find all needed medical equipment for hospitals and laboratories. We work with highly experienced and recognized medical equipment suppliers that provide their clients with advanced medical devices, gadgets and instruments for good value.

In this category, you will find rehabilitation equipment for hospitals and rehabilitation centres. In order to achieve complete recovery and restore physical strength after injury, serious illness or surgery it is crucial to provide the patient with utmost responsibility and decent medical care. During the process of rehabilitation, doctors and patients must be facilitated with reliable rehabilitation equipment and medical devices. In case of injuries, patients must go through kinesitherapy or physiotherapy course to fully complete the recovery. Our suppliers and manufacturers can offer first-class medical equipment - from orthopedic products and immobilation devices to massage boards, exercisers and high-tech ultrasound or electrical stimulators that will serve all customer‘s needs.

For your convenience, all rehabilitation devices in our catalogue have detailed descriptions, with high resolution photos and informative specification of the products. Please contact us if you wish to get in touch with the manufacturers or find out the price of a particular product. We constantly provide online support by email, Skype, or phone.

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