Veterinary X-ray scanner - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

Veterinary X-ray scanner

DESCRIPTION OF Veterinary X-ray scanner - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

Computerized tomography (CT) is a diagnostic technique known for human use dated back to the early 1970’s. With the use of a x-ray tube, a X-ray detector (X-ray camera) and a computer, it is possible to create pictures of multiple, thin, transverse sections of a patient’s body. In CT-scanning many axial (cross-sectional) two-dimensional images are reconstructed by computer analysis of transmitted X-ray intensity. This results in a focused, detailed view of the region of interest at the patient.

The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner is delivered with a X-ray cabinet, and therefore the veterinarian can stay close to the animal while CT-scanning and the veterinarian should not secure a special room in regard to radiation. The X-ray cabinet can unassembled pass through a standard office door in two parts, and is therefore easy installed in a room at the veterinary clinic. The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner is also delivered with a rechargeable power supply unit, which makes it possible to install the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner without any special requirements to the power outlet in the veterinary clinic.


The anesthetized animal is placed on the mobile patient table with supply of oxygen, C02 monitoring, heart-rate monitoring etc. The animal will be supported and fixed to lie in the correct position on the mobile patient table. After this, the animal on the patient table is moved into the CT-scanner and the interlock function is activated. Now the CT-scanner is ready to perform a CT-scan of the animal.

SPECIFICATION OF Veterinary X-ray scanner - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

System type: veterinary X-ray scanner
Type of animal: for small animals
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