Veterinary medicine equipment

Veterinary medicine treats animals with various diseases, injuries and applies methods of diagnosis and prevention. Veterinary medicine involves the medical care of all animal species, both domesticated and wild. is an online database of medical equipment from suppliers and manufacturers from around the globe. In this category, you can find all the necessary veterinary medicine equipment.

In veterinary medicine category, there is more than 100 tools and devices that are designed for proper medical treatment of animals. Grooming tables, X-ray generators for veterinary radiography, veterinary cages, veterinary anesthesia machines, veterinary stethoscopes, necropsy tables, veterinary monitors and lots of other devices. All this veterinary medical equipment is crucial for vets and veterinary clinics. Without veterinary equipment such as ultrasound scanner doctors can’t do radiography, without anesthesia machines there’s no possibility to provide an accurate supply of oxygen or nitrous oxide, without pulse oximeter it would be difficult to monitor saturation of oxygen. There is a  huge variety of devices that are vital in the field of veterinary medicine.

There are various categories of animals diseases that veterinary medicine take care of:

• Albino animals‎
• Animal disease control‎
• Animal diseases by causative agent‎
• Congenital disorders‎
• Animal diseases by host‎
• Types of animal cancers‎
• Zoonoses‎

Veterinary medicine applies such methods of treating animals as:

• Hematology
• Ultrasound
• Radiography
• Radiology
• X-rays
• Electrosurgical units
• Dentistry
• Treadmills

We can provide you with all needed information about the products from our online catalog. In this medical directory, everyone can find all the necessary tools that ensure proper medical veterinary care and guarantee animal welfare. Please contact us for further information about the suppliers or if you want to know the price of a particular product.

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